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In Butterfly Catcher you are an entomologist who has come to a beautiful and mysterious island entirely inhabited by butterflies. Freely explore the open-world, capturing all the different species of butterflies for your studies. Visit the different  japanse inspired landmarks hand-placed around the map. Go back to your Base to relax and deposit your butterfliesDiscover hidden areas with even more butterflies to catch !

This is a demo for a game still in development by a team of French game design students. Any and all feedback is welcome !

Current Features :

  • The Net :  Your trusty net, once you have a butterfly in it, complete the capture challenge to keep in in.

  • Capture Challenge : Once you have a butterfly, capture the spheres that appear in order to confirm the capture.

  • Jars : Once you have completed the challenge, open a jar with the trigger button on the controller and put the butterfly in, it's now ready to be released back at the Base.

  • The Base : Currently has two Vivariums where you can release your butterflies once you have them in a jar. Visit them anytime you like and admire your collection.

  • Movement : Directly move with the joystick to be stealthy. Press the button on either controller to teleport, you move faster but be careful : the further you teleport, the more sound you generate, scaring the butterflies.

  • The Butterfly Index : Keep track of your collection of butterflies and access the teleport function.

  • The Utility Belt : A handy way of storing the net and your jars around your waist

Future Content :

  • More of the island : Currently you can access ~40% of the map. More new species of butterflies await !

  • Gameplay changes : Depending on feedback and our vision, the gameplay is subject to change.

  • Bugfixes : Always.

This game is being actively developed with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on SteamVR but should be compatible with Valve Index. No testing with Valve Index has been done to this date for this game.

Game Design Team

Art Team

Find more artwork by Aaron Mai here


Butterfly Catcher VR (DEMO) 643 MB

Install instructions

May have to install Steam with SteamVR to run the game.

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